Soundike not offering PayPal as payment method...

Soundike have decided to stop offering customers the option of PayPal to top up their balances with. We are not sure why Soundike have decided to do this, but were very quick at responding to an email regarding it. They told me that it is currently unavailable. Whatever that means. But they still offer really great cheap mp3s, so we are hardly going to complain!

Soundike Spring Offer

Spring OffersSoundike are offering a great deal during three days in spring:

If you Top up $25, Soundike will give you a $15 bonus. If you Top up $50, Soundike will give you a $55 bonus.

More of these please throughout the year Soundike, cheap mp3s on offer, love it!

Top 3 Albums

Soundike's Top 3 Albums this week are: T.I. - Paper Trail Kings Of Leon - Only By The Night Coldplay - Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends

Soundike now offer PayPal as payment method

Soundike, unlike a lot of mp3 download companies, are offering it customers the choice of paying by Paypal.

Of course, you can also use Visa, Master Card and SMS to top up your account and still get cheap mp3s.

Album Discounts

As you are probably aware by now, you can download individual tracks, or whole albums from Soundike. If you want to download a whole album, it obviously makes sense to purchase the whole thing in one go rather than each track individually. This is not only easier for you, but will also work out more cost effective, as Soundike provide a 20% discount on complete album purchases. That's what I like to hear, buying in bulk saves cash and time! Fantastic!