How can I pay on Soundike?

Well, it's easy as with most online sites and it's very secure too. Soundike accept Visa, and MasterCard, so it's very easy to get music when you want it. And don't worry about conversions if you're not in $ either, just pay as normal and your bank sorts all that for you! Great news! Head over to Soundike now for more music than you can shake a stick at!

Top Up More and Get Free Credit!

Refill OfferAlways nice and a bit to good to be true, free cash, but in this case, it really is true. Soundike give you money for adding to your balance.

And you know what that means... more cheap mp3s!

If you top up with $25.00, they give you $10. Making your account balance $35.00.

If you top up $50.00 (which would get you a huge amount of mp3s), they give you a massive $35.00 extra free, so you'll have $85.00 to spend. And it only cost you $50.00.

And that right there is why I love Soundike! Get over to the site now to look around, browse music and get some free credit.

30¢ Free Credit

Soundike are offering new customers 30¢ free credit when they register their details with the site. Registration with Soundike is free and takes very little time at all.

Sign UpOnce you have registered and confirmed your email address, your account with be credited with 30¢, which is enough for two songs on the site. You can use this credit however you want on the site, so you can pick whichever two songs you want to download.

This is also a good opportunity to try our the site before you decide to top up your account with money. Before you top up, remember to check was offers Soundike have running, because if you top up a little extra, they will give you free songs or credit, depending on the offer at the time.

The current offers are:

If you top up $24.95, Soundike add $10.00 to your account. If you top up $49.95, Soundike add a massive $50.00 to your account!

Soundike Easter Offer

Easter OfferSoundike are not a site that gives offers regularly, so when they do, they are to be taken advantage of. During Easter, for two days only on the 17th - 19th April,  Soundike are giving customers an extra $5.00 free when they top up.

Top up $25.00 and Soundike will give you $15.00 extra. If you top up $50.00, Soundike will give you $55.00.

Get this offer while you can, it will expire on the 19th April!

Soundike Site Design

Soundike ScreenshotSoundike, in my opinion, have one of the best mp3 site designs on the web. It's retro, clean, vintage, everything funky and it works really well. It doesn't look old, it doesn't look untidy, but yet they pack their site with a million things that are of use, its not just padding.

The homepage is very informative, helps us out with downloading and is very user friendly!

I would love to know what you guys think of the Soundike site, if you love or hate it, find it hard to use, easy to navigate etc.

Check it out for yourself here: Visit Soundike

Please leave your comments below about the site!