Increasing Music Archive

Soundike don't have the largest music library compared to rival sites, but their archive of mp3s is always on the increase. They are currently up to 40,320 artists and 118,694 albums, so you can imagine just how many tracks that is.

To make the most of this sites huge music library, head over to Soundike now to register and start downloading! When you register, remember you will get $0.30 free to buy 2 songs on the site with.

Track Count

Summer Bonuses

Summer OffersSoundike are offering their customers a great summer bonus when they top up their account.

The minimum is still $15.00, but if you top up a bit more, you can get up to $55.00 free form the site.

Topping up $25.00 gets you an extra $15.00 free and topping up $50.00 gets you an extra $55.00 free!

So don't miss this offer, as it will be gone on Sunday! Go to Soundike now!

Michael Jackson Albums @ Soundike

MJSoundike are a great site to download music from anyway, but what's helping them at the moment is moving some classic Michael Jackson albums to the 'New Releases' section of their chart. Not quite sure why it's new, maybe they need to re-word that. Either way, you can get some great Michael Jackson albums very cheaply from this site.

'Dangerous' will set you back a grand total of $1.68, Thriller a total of $1.08. So if you're after some music from the King Of Pop, Soundike is the place to go.

Using iTunes and iPods

Lots of people have got iPods. In fact, most people that have an mp3 player probably have an iPod. So unsurprisingly, I often get asked if Soundike can be used with iPods and iTunes.

The answer is yes. You can use all the songs you get from Soundike with your iPod and iTunes libraries. Great news! Now who needs help doing it?

I know I did when I first started all this! So here is a quick guide:

1. iTunesDownload all the music you want from Soundike.

2. Open up iTunes.

3. Go to file, then add to library.

4. Select your newly downloaded files and click add

5. Connect your iPod and add new songs from iTunes as you would any other song.

If you need a bit more help than that, check out this: iTunes Help Guide. Happy downloading!

Charts & Best Sellers

Charts and BestsellersSoundike have a great site for browsing music, looking through albums, singles, genres etc.

It is very easy to navigate, easy to use and is a really nice looking site.

They also have charts that make it even easier to use and find the latest mp3s. So what charts do they list?

USA Top 100

UK Top 75

Canada Top 100

German Top 50

European Top 100

Indie Top 200

France Top 50

Italy Top 50

Digital Top 20

MTV Chart


Soundike Best Sellers

and randomly, the Christmas Charts that were apparently updated on the 15th June 2009!

Head over to Soundike now to see these charts for yourself.