Site Down-Time

MaintenanceThe Soundike site is down the moment for scheduled routine maintenance. This never lasts very long, so they will be back up very soon.

If you can't wait till then to download music, check out these other mp3 download sites you can use:

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  • Registering with Soundike

    In order to download music from Soundike, you need to register. Registration is free and once you've confirmed you're email address, you will get 30¢ credit added to your balance. They may not sound like a great deal but it's worth 2 songs worth on the site. The songs you download is entirely up to you unlike other sites on the web that pick your freebie tracks for you! Soundike is one of the few sites on the web with a low minimum top up requirement of just $14.95. So if you're broke, you can still afford to get songs legally and safely online.

    Things you can get from Soundike

    Registering with Soundike is free to do, and once you've done that, they give you 30¢ free credit. This may not sound like a lot, but it's enough for 2 songs on the site, so you can try out their service.

    If you like the site and the way it works, songs on Soundike are just 15¢ each, so you get loads of music really cheaply. If you've got an iPod to fill, or just want loads of songs, Soundike is the site for you.

    Soundike Genres

    Soundike have one of the best looking mp3 download sites on the web, and their site is packed with great features. One of these is their Genres menu, which consists of everything from Indie and Blues to Swing and Death Metal. So if you're after inspiration, or a specific genre, be sure to check out Soundike first.

    Summer Bonus from Soundike

    Soundike are offering a summer bonus for three days only. When you top up your account on the site, you can get the following bonuses: Top up $25.00 and get $15.00 free

    Top up $50.00 and get $55.00 free This offer expires on the 19th July so make sure you get your summer bonus before then. Head over to Soundike now.